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Book review: "Ghost Light" by LeeAnne Hansen

Ghost Light by LeeAnne Hansen

Fiona Corrigan sometimes has difficulty discerning between the reality of stage and real life, especially when it comes to the attentions of her handsome co-star, the dark, brooding, Patrick Berenger. Before they can depart for Edinburgh for their next performance, Patrick and Fiona’s acting troupe are mysteriously summoned to a remote village in Scotland, in the dead of winter. Once there, although stranded by a massive storm, Fiona is happy that she will finally have the time alone with Patrick that she needs to seduce him. Unfortunately, Fiona couldn’t have anticipated Sean’s appearance, (Patrick’s equally handsome, drunken cad of an older brother) or his devastating effect on both her and Patrick. Nor could she have anticipated the true purpose of the strange summons by the eccentric landlord, the dark secrets he would reveal in twisted ways, or the identity of the phantom woman who haunted the stage each time the ghost light went dark. Set in 1920’s Scotland, Ghost Light is equal parts tingling romance and chilling ghost story.

Amazon/Goodreads review:

Much like her newer book, Yonder, LeeAnne has kept a nice balance between mystery, romance and paranormal elements. One thing that I love about Ghost Light is that LeeAnne puts a spin on the paranormal elements that makes it a decent read even for people who aren't usually fans of paranormals. This book is filled with suspense, mystery and romance that keeps the story moving at a very steady pace. The character's voices and feelings are believable and natural - I felt like I was going on the journey with them, feeling what they felt, and experiencing the same things they experienced. I found some parts of the story predictable to an extent, but the way in which those parts were revealed was still a surprise with new twists exposing themselves as you go.

This was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing more from LeeAnne Hansen!

From the author:
LeeAnne Hansen provided an excerpt of Ghost Light for this section....

Once in her room, she lit one more candle and placed the bread on the mantel above the fireplace. She stared at the flame as it bounced from side to side. She as reminded of her father again. Every night before she went to bed, he would lean over her candle and whisper, "It's goes out so fast, even though love burns slow. When the candle goes out, there is still evidence of a glow," before blowing it out. She leaned over to blow out the candle and made a wish- actually it was more of a prayer - to always remember her family, be with her friends and love, always love. Then she blew out the candle.

Something that I love about LeeAnne Hansen's stories is that the paranormal aspects are quite subtle. I usually don't read stories with a paranormal influence, but I was drawn into Ghost Light by the romance, the mystery and the scandals. The paranormal parts were not overbearing and added to the story quite well. So, for LeeAnne Hansen's work, I am a convert. I highly recommend her stories!

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