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Book Review: "Last Man She'd Love" by Summerita Rhayne

Last Man She'd Love by Summerita Rhayne
Last Man She'd Love

When best laid plans fall apart...
Lyna is all set to marry a movie mogul, when she finds his pregnant ex at her office, begging her to break the engagement and keep her name out of it. Forced to take her flirtatious boss Guy's help, she sets about to break the engagement. But now she's pulled into deeper involvement with Guy. 
One trouble leads to another!
She agrees to visit his palatial country house, posing as his fiancée and is drawn into the family and their antics. Sorting out who's who takes time. A stringent grandfather, an ambitious mother, a frustrated half brother are only the beginning!
Attraction makes things complicated
Propinquity with someone as charming and attractive as Guy doesn't help. But Guy himself is as much of a puzzle as ever. Is he the playboy she thinks him or is there someone else beneath the sardonic pose? Will she ever find out?

Will she break her heart in the process?

Amazon/Goodreads review:
"Last Man She'd Love" was an entertaining read - one that was difficult to put down. Lyna is prim and proper and comes across as cool-mannered. She's engaged for a marriage of convenience. Guy is a total flirt, throwing innuendos left, right and center. He's also her boss. And the chemistry between them is undeniable and irresistible. One favour and one public stuff-up leads to one drama-filled rollercoaster of a ride while they're compelled to live a lie for both of their sakes. Until the lie starts to become too real. 

I really enjoyed the entire storyline of "Last Man She'd Love". It was entertaining and captured my interest from the start. There was always something happening. I didn't feel like there were any filler scenes. I did, however, find it confusing at times, such as introducing characters (i.e. not establishing who his family members were in the scheme of things straight away) and timing (i.e. how much time has passed, skipping to the next day in the same paragraph...) and I feel that those parts could have been improved. It's details though! As a whole, this book was a great read.

I would recommend "Last Man She'd Love" to anyone who is interested in boss-employee romances, mingled with impossible circumstances and incredible amounts of family drama. As I said in my review, parts of it can be confusing. But once you work out who's talking and whose perspective the scene is written from (note: it's not always just from the hero and heroine's perspectives!), it's a very entertaining read.

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